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Bay Tour, 2005

The past two weeks or so, my wife Keewi's family has been visiting from Korea (or in her sister Heewon's case, from Albany, NY). I played the tour guide, taking them to spots around the Bay Area. Some other miscellaneous photos from the same time are included.

Photos with people in them are at the end, since they are presumably of somewhat limited interest (although the babies are awfully cute).

Muir Woods & Mt. Tamalpais
Muir Woods is one of my favorite spots; the trees are so old and massive and peaceful. Photographing them is quite a challenge, however. Mt. Tamalpais was almost totally fogged in; the one shot I got is from the eastern peak.
Stanford & SLAC
We visited Stanford just because it's pretty and its close to our apartment. The sculpture close-ups are from Stanford's Rodin Garden. At the same time, I happened to be going on a tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) arranged by my friends Cindy and Ian. Science is a much more messy, junky process than the glossy PR photos would have you believe! It was really cool seeing SLAC from the inside, and their tour is highly recommended.
St. Vincent's
St. Vincent's is a beautiful old church in the North Bay that is now a school for troubled boys. A friend introduced me to it many years ago, and it remains a favorite for its classical beauty and antique decrepitude.
As usual for me these days, I grabbed flower photos when I was able; those are also included here. They are from Filoli, Muir Woods, Stanford, Golden Gate Park, near my apartment, and perhaps other spots.
Sierra Clearcuts
At the same time, I also went flying with my friend Saul for the purpose of photographing clearcuts in the forest near Yosemite, so those photos are in this section due to temporal proximity; they are low on artistic merit, but high on outrage value. In some you can see how close to Yosemite and the Sierras the clearcuts are, in others you can see just how barren the land is after the loggers are done with it, and in some you can see how they leave a thin "beauty strip" next to the local roads so motorists have no idea of the pillage that has occurred just a few yards away.
Keewi's family and various other cast members, including, in the last photo, a rare appearance by yours truly.

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