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Purchasing Photographs

Cloud Photographic is more of a hobby than a business. These photographs are not generally for sale; they are provided for your enjoyment, for free. However, the original digital files are not on this website; even the largest size of photo that you can see here is much smaller than the true original. This is partly because the full-size files would be too large for this server, and partly because I want to retain control over what happens to these photographs.

You can request a copy of the original file for a photo, and if I like you and I'm in a good mood, I might provide it for you. If what you want is to use my photo in some kind of publication (web or print), or to create derivative art based upon my photograph, I'm usually receptive to those kinds of requests; just describe your project to me.

Utimately, however, these photographs are all copyrighted, and may be used only with permission. Please respect that.