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Europe, 2010-11

In the summer of 2010 I participated in a program called the Young Scientists Summer Program, in Austria, at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. During that summer I traveled to a couple of other places in Europe, and this past winter I returned to Austria to continue my research at IIASA, and again did a bit of traveling on the side. You can read all about all this in my travel blog if you really care, and see lots of tourist shots from the places I went. Here I'm pretty much just going to show the photos that might be worth looking at on their own merits, and I'm not going to go into any detail on where they are from.

These photo were taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ50. I wasn't very fond of that camera; happily, it got stolen in Stockholm, so now I get to buy a new one. I know, how do you get a camera stolen in Stockholm, right? Well, it turns out that leaving it on a bench in the city bus terminal for a couple of hours will do the trick.

The "original" photos linked to in this set are 1/4 size, in fact, so contact me if you want a true original.
Starting out with photos in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, and elsewhere. The glacier is the Pasterze glacier at the foot of Grossglockner; it is Austria's longest glacier, and is losing about 10 meters in length every year now; it has diminished in size by about half since 1851.
I went to Prague on a weekend trip with some other YSSPers. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited, so there's lots of photos even though I was only there for a few days!
Back to Austria for a bit. The meat platter is at a heuriger, a traditional restaurant that serves local foods and wines. Before that photo are some shots from hiking in the woods northwest of Vienna; after that photo are shots from a bicycle ride to Bratislava.
Another weekend trip with the YSSPers, this time to Budapest. It was also very beautiful, and had a strong sense of history in the air. I'd love to go back. The baths were wonderful too; the last couple of photos are from Gellert Baths, which has quite a nice interior.
Back again to Austria. The first dozen or so photos are from Schloss Grafenegg, near Krems in northern Austria. That's a Lippizaner stallion, at its summer vacation spot near Grafenegg. The almost-final dozen photos are from a bicycle ride along the Wachau, a wine-growing valley on the Danube northwest of Vienna, including some photos from Stift Melk, a famous monastery. The very last photo was taken from the train to...
I was in Zurich for two weeks, but mostly working long hours, so these photos are actually all from the evening that I got in to the city on the train, just before sunset. Zurich is pretty, but its high prices do not encourage exploration!
On the way, more or less, back to Vienna, I dropped in on a friend in Munich. We had a great time walking around the city, ate two Bavarian breakfasts (white sausages with mustard, pretzels, and beer), and went on a brutal but enjoyable hike down a mountainside, ending in a lovely narrow river-cut gorge.
Europe in winter
That was the end of my summer travels. In December I returned to Vienna for a conference and more research. The first photos here are from Vienna. Over Christmas and New Year's my wife visited me, and we went to Prague for a long-awaited honeymoon (only 8 years late). The last two are back in Vienna, showing what the city looks like under a layer of snow.
My last hurrah in Europe, for the time being, was in Abisko, Sweden, near the northern edge of the country, and north of the Arctic circle. It was stunningly beautiful there, when it wasn't hazy and fogged in; the mountains were spectacular, and I saw the Aurora borealis for the first (and second, and third) time of my life, which was really wonderful. My photo of the aurora is not great, but for a first try, with no tripod...
Thanks, Europe!
As a sort of goodbye-but-I'll-be-back, here's a photo of me at the Lennon Wall in Prague. Peace out, yo. (Did I say that right?)

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