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Europe, 2011-12

I spent quite a bit of time in Europe in 2011-12 for my PhD research. These are photos I took during my travels there. Note I've got various other albums with photos from previous Europe trips, too; I've been over there a lot lately!

The "original" photos linked to in this set are reduced size, in fact, so contact me if you want a true original.
Lake Balaton, Hungary
I attended a workshop at Lake Balaton in Hungary. The first photos are from the lake area, including the rather run-down conference center (I've never seen so many spiders in my life). The rest are from two side trips the group took to nearby spots.
One of my research projects is with collaborators in Zurich. These photos start with a walk from the botanical institute where I work and around the city center. Then we'll go for a hike up Uetliberg, a hill to the west of Zurich with panoramic views across the surrounding countryside. Then back to the city center for some night shots of Zurich's iconic churches.
Beginning the ascent of Uetliberg.
Zurich at night is very beautiful. There's a lot to be said for building a city on a river.
I attended a "summer school" (a week-long course) in Turku, Finland. I didn't take any photos in Turku, however. These photos are first in Helsinki, then in the little tourist town of Naantali, and end up at Suomenlinna, an old fortress on an island off Helsinki.
Naantali, home of Moomin World (thus the flags), where we took a little end-of-workshop jaunt. The town itself is a fairly nice little tourist trap, but I didn't take any photos of it.
Suomenlinna was the most fun I've had exploring an old fortress since I was a kid in Quebec City. Walls and crypts and cannons and stunning seascapes, and even a real drawbridge over a moat!
My other research project is based in Vienna. No Vienna photos this time around (see my previous Europe album for those), but I took a day trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which is just a short train or boat ride from Vienna along the Danube. A beautiful city with much better beer than you typically find in Austria. The photos start off walking from the train station towards and around the old city.
Now arriving at Bratislava Castle, recently restored and being turned into what promises to be a very nice museum. A few artworks are among the photos. Views from the Crown Tower were excellent, although the weather was not very nice.
Descending from the castle back into the old city, and eventually arriving at a spot with extremely good beer (Pivovar Richtar Jakub).

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