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Hawaii, 2018

In January 2018 we took a vacation to Hawaii. I was mostly not in photography mode; I was birding most of the time. (This birding hobby is really interfering with my photography hobby!) But here are a few photos that I did take. You can see lots more photos on Keewi's blog at Keewi's Adventures.
Na Pali coast
The first two photos are actually from the porch of our Airbnb; the first is a Saffron Finch (which are really stunning!), and the second is a Northern Cardinal on its own winter vacation in the tropics. The rest of the photos are from a boat trip we took around the coastline of Kauai to the Na Pali coast, an area with absolutely amazing eroded landforms. It was sunny along the southern coast, but the further we got around to the northwest, the foggier it got.
As we came back around to the south coast, we saw several whales (humpbacks, I guess, but I don't know anything about whales). The one that I more or less caught leaping out of the water was very close to our boat! I wish I had gotten that shot framed a bit better, but you only have a split second to react when they breach. I got photos of several birds as well; according to my checklist at the time, these photos include the Laysan Albatross, Black-footed Albatross, and Brown Booby.
At the end of the boat ride we saw a beautiful sunset, which these photos fail to capture.

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