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Iceland, 2020

In 2020 I had a conference and workshop in Iceland in late February. Keewi joined me there in early March after my work was done, and we had a couple of days of sightseeing before COVID-19 exploded, things shut down, and we had to get out of the country. I didn't take a whole lot of photos; I have lots more in my Iceland, 2013 gallery, from when I was there for longer and the weather was warmer. It was nice photographing in the winter, though; it was very meditative and stark. I wish we had gotten to do all the things we had planned; but that will have to wait until next time.

Photos here have only been adjusted for brightness/contrast/levels. "Original" photos linked here include those manipulations, and are at 1/2 of the original resolution.
Six at Skógafoss
I'm pretty sure these are from Skógafoss, a waterfall on the south coast of Iceland.
Six glacier views
These are from a walk to a glacier; probably Mýrdalsjökull, but I'm not sure. The glacier itself is visible in the third and fourth photos.
Nine coastal views
These are from two different beaches along the south coast. Zoom in on the full-size version of the eighth image to see the incredible basalt columns that wrap around the hillside (seen in closeup in the sixth photo).
Six of Faxaflói
These are taken from Reykjavík, looking northward across Faxaflói, the bay to the north. It was a lovely clear day. I've included six rather similar photos to try to convey the tranquil, eternal quality of the scene, with small variations in the view as we walked along the footpath. The birds in the last photo are Common Eiders; this trip to Iceland was my first time seeing them, which was very exciting!
Six of Harpa
Harpa is a concert hall and conference center in Reykjavík. It's where the conference I was attending was located. It's a remarkable building that I find quite beautiful. The first three photos are of the exterior; the second three, the interior.
Three of the Northern Lights
We took a tourist excursion in a van to try to see the Northern Lights. We did see them, although they were faint and we weren't in a very dark location. The first photo is with my camera, hand-held; rather blurry, but the green glow is certainly visible. The last two were taken by someone else in our group who had a tripod (although not, apparently, a level!); he kindly sent them to us afterwards.

These images copyright © 2020 Ben Haller. All rights reserved.