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Japan, 2004

This is the first real trip I've done with my new digital camera, a Minolta DiMAGE A1, which I love! I've arranged these photos chronologically, so you can see which area of Japan each photo is from.

There aren't many photos of temples, shrines, or cherry blossoms, since I took so many of that sort back in 2000; this trip was more about seeing nature in Japan. For that reason, much of this trip was spent on Hokkaido; everything from Hakodate onward is on Hokkaido (while those preceding are on Honshu).

These are the photos that I feel have artistic merit, and they are uploaded here at fairly high quality; there is also a travelogue of about 350 photos (but smaller and at lower quality) with accompanying commentary.
Central Honshu (near Tokyo)
Kobe and Himeji
Lake Towada
Lake Toya
On the Road to Daisetsuzan
Daisetsuzan National Park
Furano & Biei
Mt. Asahidake
Sounkyo (East Daisetsuzan)
On the Road to Shiretoko
The Shiretoko Peninsula
Shibetsu (East Coast)

These images copyright © 2004 Ben Haller. All rights reserved.