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East Coast, 2006

These were taken on Keewi and my summer vacation back to the East Coast. Most of them are in New York, but a few are in Canada. No travelogue this time, because I'm too busy right now to put it together. Lots of insect photos here; I've started doing more of that since taking an entomology class recently.
Niagara Falls
All except the first were taken in Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, which was good but not that good; many exhibits were under construction or being moved, and it seemed to lack focus somehow. The Chinese art section was quite good, though.
The Adirondacks
Adirondack State Park, which we blew through on the way down to Albany.
These are all from the vicinity of Taughannock Falls State Park, where there is a very nice short hike to the base of Taughannock Falls.
You don't see any wineries in these pictures, but trust me, they're there.
Watkins Glen
These are all from a hike up into Watkins Glen State Park. That hike is highly recommended, it was beautiful.
A Seneca Lake hike
We took a little day hike to a local swimming spot near Seneca Lake, which was very scenic.
The first photo is actually from the north end of Keuka Lake, I believe. The rest are from a hike down into Cascadilla Gorge from Collegetown in Ithaca.
Letchworth State Park
The last stop on the tour. Letchworth State Park has been called "The Grand Canyon of the East," which is overselling it a bit I think. But it was a beautiful spot, with lots of hiking trails and waterfalls, lots of insects, and lots of fungi (those last two may not appeal to everybody ;->). Balloons fly out of Letchworth regularly, which perhaps I will try out the next time we're there!

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