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Southwest, 1999

In the summer of '99 I took a road trip around the southwest with my mother, visiting some old favorites, discovering new spots, and taking lots of pictures. The centerpiece of the trip was a workshop I took at the Grand Canyon from Craig Fucile, run by UCSC's photography department. That class was where I met my friend Saul, who is mentioned elsewhere in these pages, and who got me into flying and aerial photography.

These photos are not in chronological order; it's too long ago for me to remember what route we drove. The last photo, however, was in fact the last one I took; it's of some sort of rocket or missile test that I saw in the evening sky. I was near Edwards AFB at the time, but it seems likely that the test was from Vandenberg AFB.
Capitol Reef and Cedar Breaks
Grand Canyon
Mono Lake
A roadside stop
Yellowstone abstracts
On the way home

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