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Jaime & Susan's Wedding, 2005

These are photos from the wedding of our friends Jaime and Susan, which was held in Yosemite this fall. The weather was lovely, and the site they chose, a short walk from Sentinel Beach, was absolutely gorgeous!

There are links to "original photos" on the photo pages, but those are not really the original photos; the originals are too large to upload to the website, but they are available on request if anybody wants a print of one of these...
The morning of...
I wandered out of my room at the Yosemite Lodge and started taking photos; I got so distracted that I very nearly made myself late for the ceremony!
The ceremony
The flower girl had an abundance of charm to compensate for her lack of forward momentum, the readings and the singing were beautiful, Jaime was dashing, and Susan was radiant. My favorite of these is the ninth one in, with the very underexposed foreground, although I doubt many will share that opinion. For me, Susan's expression and the illuminated tree in the background somehow play off of each other. No — don't see it? ;->
The setting
One of the nicest spots I've been to in Yosemite; and some commented that the natural cross on the rock wall above us was quite apropos, too! I loved the dramatic clouds roiling above Half Dome in the distance.
Ben & Keewi
Couldn't resist a few photos of ourselves, all dressed up and everything...
The reception
Mostly my photos of the reception didn't come out because my flash is broken and so my shutter speeds were much too long; but I like the "Powers of Ten" sequence with Keewi and Annelise, and a few others seemed worth sharing.

These images copyright © 2005 Ben Haller. All rights reserved.